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that was great

That was a really great movie. What made it great is that no one every pays any attention to toad, and finally we have a movie of him kickin ass.

mchawking responds:

that was the idea behind the series... He is too overlooked and too many people think he's a panzi.

not bad

I couldn't really get into the first part of the movie. But as it went along it got better. What I liked best was the music. Very fine selections from Mozart. But I disagree with the films message.

ShadowInsignia responds:

Once again, follow my sentences... I don't care what the hell this movie says. I made the movie for a history project, I had Kerry, and I had gun control, Kerry happens to be againt it to some extent, so thats what I made.


That was absolutely terrible. About 10 seconds of the worst flash on ng. You shouldn't have wasted your time making it.

mr-wheatley responds:

NO ONE believes in GOD more STRONGLY than an atheist, whom has developed an entire religious expression out of his desire to Disown GOD, while trying desperately to get his attention.

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Good stuff.

I haven't listened to anything on NG for a while now, but this caught my ear. Good stuff man.

Very cool.

I like the synth, and the glissandos. What did you use to make this?

Sentinel responds:

It's just a cut drumloop, a preset from one of my synths, where I'm only allowed to have one note at the time, resulting in the glissandos.
This in addition to two bass samples with slap and picked bass.
Sequenced in FLStudio 8 - like all my music :)

If you want any details, just pm me !
Thanks for the review!

hahah Pachelbel's Canon!

Oh the countless times I've played this so many times at weddings/gigs.Hey, don't take the scores to harshly. Its just the way you organized this mix didn't really work. It starts out with arpeggios, outlining the chords, then it goes into a big unison, then a solo, it doesn't make sense really. Oh, and the tempo was way to fast. So, consider those things. Keep it up.

DeathSpirit responds:

Yeah... as I said I could of done better. Well i made this when
I was getting use to making music.

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